List of Published Results for Posts/Positions within MEW

Circ No Title of Post/Position Department/Directorate Date Published

Government Gazzette no 20,113 Manager l (Procurement) MEW 21/02/2019
Government Gazzette no 20,093 Project Coordinator for the Life Integrated Project LIFE 16 IPE MT008 MEW 24/01/2019
Government Gazzette No: 20,053 Assistant Manager (Procurement) MEW-CSD 23/11/2018
Gov Gazzette no 20,049 Manager I (Procurement) Corporate Services Directorate 14/11/2018
MEW/HR12/2018 Assistant Manager (Project Management) MEW-PDPID 02/11/2018
MEW Circular no.9/2018 Manager II (Projects) MEW 17/08/2018
MEW/HR/27/2018 Position of Assistant Manager (Procurement) MEW 30/07/2018
MEW/HR/26/2018 Position of Manager II (Procurement) MEW 30/07/2018
MEW Curcular no. /5/2018 Position of Manager (HR) MEW 09/05/2018
MEW/02/2017 ICT and Business Analyst in the IMU within MEW IMU/MEW 05/02/2018