The Energy and Water Agency

The Energy and Water Agency is tasked with formulating and implementing Government’s national policies in the energy and water sectors, aimed at ensuring security, sustainability and affordability of energy and water supply in Malta.


Given the high level of EU competence on the development and implementation of Energy and Water policies the Agency dedicates a significant share of its resources to the implementation of the respective EU Acquis. This means the implementation of legislation and policies related to Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Electricity and Gas Security of Supply, the Internal Energy Market, Water Demand Management, Sustainability of the Water supply-base and Water Reuse. In doing so the Agency establishes ways of implementing such legislation correctly whilst adding as much value as possible to the local domestic and industrial sectors.
In this regard the Agency is involved throughout the EU policy making cycle including at negotiation stage and supports the Office of the Prime Minister (Energy and Projects) in formulating Malta’s position in the EU and international fora. In doing so the Agency is expected to have a prominent role in both the Energy and Environment Councils during Malta’s Presidency of the Council of the EU.
In implementing Energy and Water Policies, the Agency is also entrusted with (i) the direct implementation of key national projects and / or (ii) the empowerment of key stakeholders to implement such projects. This may be regarded as the ‘Hardware’ required to put legislation into practice.
Examples of such projects include: The Malta – Italy Natural Gas Pipeline, Solar Farming, the conversion of street lighting into LED technology the National Water Conservation Awareness Centre and Valley Rehabilitation Projects. The Agency also empowers various Government entities to align their programmes and objectives to the national energy and water policies and also provides advice on the integration of renewable energy sources in their respective premises.


Mission Statement:
Drafting and Implementing policy for secure, sustainable and affordable energy and water for Malta.