Malta Emergency and Preventive Action Plan

In line with Article 3 of Regulation (EU) 2017/1938 (Security of Gas Supply Regulation), each Member State is required to designate a Competent Authority responsible for the implementation of the Regulation. The designated Competent Authority in Malta is the Ministry for Energy and Water Management.

The Regulation requires that each Member State prepares a National Risk Assessment of all relevant risks affecting the security of gas supply. Malta’s National Risk Assessment was completed and submitted to the European Commission in December 2018. Article 8(2) of the Regulation requires that the Competent Authority of each Member State establishes a Preventive Action Plan containing the measures needed to remove and mitigate the risks identified in the Risk assessment and an Emergency Plan containing the measures to be taken to remove or mitigate the impact of a disruption of gas supply. Malta’s 2019 Preventive Action Plan and 2019 Emergency Plan have been submitted to the European Commission in January 2020.

The plans can be found here:

2019 Malta Emergency Plan

2019 Malta Preventive Action Plan​