Malta remains in line to meet its target for 2020

Reference Number: PR190270, Press Release Issue Date: Feb 12, 2019
Eurostat’s statistics published Tuesday confirm that Malta remains in line to meet its target for 2020.
The achievement of 7.2% share is a result of significant support by the Government, which has provided grants and feed-in tariffs, as well as ensured higher blends of biofuels for road transport. 
Over 22,000 households now benefit from even lower electricity bills, thanks to PV systems and over 130MW of PV installations have been connected as at end of 2018.
Notwithstanding the above, Malta needs to make even greater efforts to reach the 10% target, as the amount of renewable energy generation which needs to be produced to meet this target is increasing year on year, in proportion with the demand.
The government remains committed to provide sufficient support for local investment in renewable energy to meet the 10% target.