Enabling an efficient water demand in an environmentally sustainable manner

Reference Number: PR191045, Press Release Issue Date: May 14, 2019
Minister for Energy and Water Management Joe Mizzi said that faced with a constant lack of natural water resources, Malta has built its national water policy on the conjunctive use of water demand management and water supply augmentation measures. 
“This to enable an efficient water demand to be met in an environmentally sustainable manner,” he stated during a ministerial statement earlier on Tuesday at the UNESCO International Water Conference, which is being held in Paris, France.
Minister Mizzi stated that increased collaboration between nations who are facing the same challenge is key to ensuring that this challenge is successfully addressed, hence ensuring the future well-being of the citizens and the environment.
Minister Mizzi spoke about the challenges which Malta faces with respect to water resources management. “We are striving to transform our national water utility into a net-zero impact water utility, and hence a utility which protects the water environment. This is being achieved through investments in energy efficiency, distribution efficiency and water reuse.”
The Minister also highlighted the importance of education for sustainable development in this comprehensive approach. “Water management is a cross-cutting theme, and hence one which requires the development of a comprehensive cross-sectoral approach,” he said. 
“We strive to ensure that in all educational levels, water management is addressed within a comprehensive sustainable development context.  The importance of this approach is also outlined by the fact that our National Water Conservation Awareness Centre has this year been awarded the European Sustainability Award for its efforts in promoting education on water conservation within a sustainable development context.”
Minister Mizzi also highlighted the importance of knowledge sharing and dissemination. “Within this context, Malta is currently leading an Integrated Project under the European Union’s LIFE Programme aimed at the development of water management plans for island and coastal regions. This is also part of Malta’s efforts for broadening the discussion on water management.”
The UNESCO International Water Conference aims to bring participants around the table to discuss trans-sectoral approaches to the governance and management of water resources. Thanks to its expertise in the fields of education, sciences, culture and communication, UNESCO contributes to resolve issues impacting the governance and management of water.