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Argotti Botanical Garden and St. Philips Garden


Argotti Botanic Gardens were restored in an intensive project that began in January 2017 and was completed in April 2018.


Extensive restoration of the gardens took place. The fountains located in the garden as well as the bastions that surround the entire gardens were restored. New paving was laid throughout the garden and new railings and benches were installed. The existing sanitary facilities were demolished and new ones built further down the garden. New lighting was also installed throughout the garden. 


Plans are underway to replenish the gardens with trees and shrubs of different species that originate in different parts of the world but which are adapted to our climate, as is usual in botanic gardens. A number of palms trees belonging to different species as well as other exotic trees have been planted so far. The aim to plant a number of trees and shrubs over the years. A modern irrigation system was installed throughout the garden to cater for the needs of the trees and shrubs present in the garden. 


Plans for the restoration of St. Philips garden, which is adjacent to Argotti Gardens are also underway. Wignacourt Fountain, which dates from the 1615, as well as the bastions that surround the garden have been restored so far.