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Malta Embellishment Landscaping Projects

Malta and Embellishment Landscaping Projects (MELP) started its operations on the 1st November 2002 on the verge of the first Public Private Partnership (PPP) signed between the Government and the Environmental and Landscaping Consortium Ltd. (ELC). The consortium took over the responsibilities of landscaping sites previously managed by the Rural Landscaping Unit, which was part of the then Agricultural directorate. 
Main responsibility of the Malta Environmental and Landscaping Projects is to monitor the PPP contract in which include;

  1. Monitoring of sites assigned to ELC, including landscaping and maintenance of public gardens, roundabouts, side verges and central strips mainly on arterial and secondary roads, as stipulated by the contract. Every month sites not kept according to the contract, MELP s issued with a Notification Of Improvement (NOI).  If rectification of areas are not complete to a satisfactory level by the end of the month money is deducted equivalent of the site in question for the occurring month.
  2. To verify and approve new designs of soft and hard landscaping areas in the above-mentioned areas.
  3. Booking for the use and activities organized in public gardens managed by ELC.
  4. To keep an up to date inventory of sites Malta and Gozo; including areas, number and type of shrubs and trees. Three levels of embellishment are established by the contract.
  5. Co-ordinate landscaping works with other Governmental entities mostly TM and IM.​