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Żabbar Regional Park

In the recent years, this area was completely abandoned and dangerous. Therefore the government enacted a project of rehabilitation for this specific site. This zone lies within the Santa Margherita Lines at Cospicua and it covers a footprint of approximately 49,000m2.
Ambjent Malta has been tasked with carrying out various maintenance works which include improving a static quality of the site and therefore making it accessible for both the Maltese public and tourists visiting the area. More work in this area will include the formation of pathways and installation of the lighting system along the pathways and picnic area so the public can enjoy and spend more time in the park.
This department will be introducing several facilities for the public to use for recreation such as picnic areas, kids playing area, dog park, outdoor gym, public toilets, coffee shop and a parking area along the road.
A general clean up of this site has been already carried out. There was a number of existing rubble walls that were in a state of disrepair therefore, Ambjent Malta carried out various repair works on some of these damaged rubble walls. However, further repair works will be performed.
The department will be planting a number of indigenous trees instead of the invasive trees. These trees will be introduced in order to enclose the area and provide shade for the public and tourists that visit this park. This park will conserve both the vegetation and ecosystem in the area.​