Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation Unit

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Sustainable Energy and Conservation Unit
1st Floor, Institute for Water Technology,
Water Services Corporation
Triq Hal-Qormi



Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation Unit

The Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation Unit (SEWCU) is a government agency which performs a number of functions including the setting up of national policies related to sustainable energy and water use , the preparation of national plans to meet National and EU targets in the fields of energy and water resources management, foreseeing the implementation of measures necessary to achieve these targets, and carry out projects to increase the renewable energy generation, energy efficiency and water conservation within government buildings.  
Mission Statement
To promote and proactively promulgate secure, efficient and affordable energy and water resources for better competitiveness and quality of life, whilst thriving to ensure excellence in energy and water infrastructures prioritizing sustainable management of water resources and the promotion of greener energy.

These projects are part-finance by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund. 

Retrofitting Road and Street Lighting by LED Smart Lighting
The project involves two pilot projects that seek to implement street lighting energy efficiency measures in Malta and Gozo.  The interventions will focus on retrofitting street lighting by LED luminaries and the implementation of a smart lighting management system (including dimming and lighting network management and control). 
Renovating Public Buildings to Increase Energy Efficiency and Reduce GHG (Phase I)
Phase I of the project consists of a number of energy efficiency interventions in the St Vincent de Paul Residence and at the Siggiewi Primary School.  The energy and resource efficiency interventions under Phase I are the following:
Intervention A: The decentralisation of Boiler System and introducing a Heating with LPG system at the SVDP Hospital Residence Campus. 
Intervention B: Retro-fitting of Siggiewi Primary School with energy and resource interventions including solar shading equipment, solar pool heating system, Building management system with smart lighting, water saving measures and efficient heating and ventilation systems.